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Explanation of ECE Classes and i-Size

Definition of ECE Classes:

  • ECE Class 0/0+: bis 13kg or ca. 15 month
  • ECE Class I: 9-18kg or ca. 9 month - 4,5 years
  • ECE Class II: 15-25kg or ca. 3-7 years
  • ECE Class III: 22-36kg or ca. 6-12 years

I-Size, ECE-R 129:

In contrast to the older ECE-R 44 the ECE-R 129, also known as i-Size, descripes the size of a child restraint system in relationship to the size of the child and not based on the weight of the child. There are 6 different sizes:

  • Q0 up to 60cm
  • Q1 from 60 to 75cm
  • Q1.5 from 75 to 87cm
  • Q3 from 87cm to 105cm
  • Q6 from 105cm to 125cm as well as
  • Q10 from 125cm

i-Size requires the child to be transported rearfacing up to 15month of age. Car seats usable up to a size of 105cm are usually at least usable as a reboarder, if not only usable as a reboarder. i-Size requires the car to have ISOFIX connectors.

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