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Reclamation / Warrenty / Return

1.) Return of orders within the 14-day revocation period:

  • Please send your revocation request via email to order@bambinokids.de
  • Please assure us, that the requirements of #1.1 are or will be met.
  • Your revocation or return request will be confirmed within 24 hours on working days.

1.1.)  Requirements of returns:

  • It is only possible to return unused or not assembled products.
  • Every lable has to stay in place to return the product.
  • Please remove lables only if you are sure that you will keep the product.
  • Used or damaged products are exempt from revocation.
  • The return has to happen with the orignal packaging of the product.
  • Please add the bill to your return. Otherwise we wont be able to match the return to your order.
  • Please don't return the product unfree. We are not able to accept those.
  • Please send the revocation request within 14 days of receiving the product to order@bambinokids.de

The consumer pays the return fee of the product.

2.) Complaints at the time of delivery

  • Should you locate any damage to the packaging please ask the deliverer for a reciuept of this damage. Usually the product will be fine if the packaging is slightly damaged during transport.
  • If you find that the product is damaged please send us immediately an email to  order@bambinokids.de describing the problem.
  • Every complaint will be answered within 2 working days.
  • We will try to find the best solution for you.

3.) Carrying out an reclamation during time of warranty

  • Please send your request per email to order@bambinokids.de
  • You may describe to problem informal and in your own words.
  • If it is easier to describe the damage with images you can attach digital images to your email. Please keep in mind to keep the images as small as possible and as big as necessary to keep the email small.
  • Please add the following information to your email:
    • Bill number and/or order number
    • Your telefon number where you will be available during day time
    • Your address, even if that did not change since your order.
  • Every complaint will be answered within 2 working days.
  • If the complaint is within warranty we must involve the manufacturer to solve the issue.
  • We will strive to solve your issue to the best of our abilitys.

4.) Support with other problems or after warranty

We are happy to support you even if the time of warranty is over.
Please send us an email to  order@bambinokids.de describing the problem, even if the time of warranty is over.

Many thanks that you read the notes above thoroughly.

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